Thea Gahr is a bilingual Artist and Educator intent on connecting people to their highest creative potential through the small and dedicated acts of printmaking and sewing. She has been an industrial stitcher for over 12 years and a production stitcher for 18. With a strong commitment to social and environmental justice which she sees as inextricably linked. She is a member of Justseeds Artist Cooperative as well as a part of the ECPM68 an autonomous (non governmental and self directed) school in Mexico City. Her love for printmaking grew through the inherent tendencies of the medium, it’s precision and craft, it’s nearly limitless creative possibilities, the communal nature of print workshops, and it’s incredible global history of being at the forefront of massive social change for the betterment of life of earth. Home is both and always Oregon and Mexico where the heart extends to the land and many of it’s very loved residents. Believing that spirits need to be free she is also and an enthusiastic cyclist, aerialist, and lover of complex land and water ecologies.